Chalo Network has launched the Chalo Saathi Whatsapp Bot for facilitating the PAN services through Whatsapp Messenger.

Chalo Network will never ask you to share any OTP or password, please be aware of the online scam. We only take one time payment of Rs.200/- for processing the PAN. Your documents will be kept with us for NSDL uploading purposes only.

As per the provisions of Section 272B of the Income Tax Act., 1961, a penalty of ₹10,000 can be levied on possession of more than one PAN.

For Customers’ Q&A

What are the advantages of getting a PAN?
PAN or Permanent Account Number is the unique identification alphanumeric number. It is an important document for paying taxes, opening bank accounts and availing other benefits.
Who needs a PAN card?
Any individual who wants to file their taxes or open a bank account would require to have a PAN as a proof.
Who is eligible to get a PAN?

Any individual who is an Indian citizen can apply for a PAN card. They need to submit some essential documents like valid identity proof, proof of date of birth, and address proof to apply for one.

What document should I keep handy before starting the Chat?
  1. Your Aadhaar card (in image format)
  2. Updated passport size photo (JPEG, 200 DPI, Color and Dimension should be 3.5X2.5 cms,Max File size 50kb)
  3. Photo of your signature on a white paper (Signature Accepted format: JPEG, 200 DPI, Color and Dimension should be 2X4.5 cms, Max File size 50kb.)
  4. PAN Card photo (if correction/updation)
Can I get my business PAN done using Chalo Network’s Whatsapp bot?

Right now, we only offer individual PAN made and/or updated using our WhatsApp bot. For business whatsapp you can check the NSDL website and get details.

Can I get my PAN delivered to another address instead of the permanent address that is there on the Aadhaar?
Yes! You can simply send the address to our Chalo Whatsapp Saathi, and your PAN will be registered there.
What are the ways I can make the payment?
UPI, Credit/Debit card, and Net banking.
Do you also make PAN for NRIs?

No, not at the moment.